Setting Neck Without a Truss Rod - Guitar Question

"Niandra asked "Hi guys...i'm not sure whether a question similar to this one has been already asked. I have a '51 Martin 0-15. All in all the guitar is in a nice condition but im not sure whether it would be the right time for a new neck setting. What is an indicator for that? As far as i am informed martins from this age didn't yet have theese/those TrussRods (or how it is spelled-sorry for my english it's beschissen ;-) so in case IF i have to bring it to a professional luthier. Actually i think the playing is very very nice and the spaces between fretboard and strings up to the 12th fret seem normal but im not sure and what do you think would be the "average" price? And bye the way--- can you tell what's up with mr . fishmann's lessons???? Thanks.""

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