Steel or Nylon Strings - Guitar Question

"Capo asked "Hi, Jim. I am always (really coveting I think) wanting to buy a nylon stringed guitar to play alternating finger style guitar on. I don't know, of course, but I imagine this to be obviously easier on the fingernails but it must have a downside which I surmise is in the compromised sound or timbre of the notes and chords. And, others such as yourself, Jim, do not use the nylon string guitar and that makes me suspicious. Although I did see a vid of Buster Jones (is that his name) playing what appeared to be a nylon stringed acoustic electric and doing all right with it I might add. Another point I argue with my mind over is that I will never be a professional guitarist, this is not my goal, so I seem to justify my lame argument with that fact and my heart says well, therefore, go ahead and buy one (nylon stringed). Well, enough said. What do you think of these thoughts. You must have some opinions and I would love to hear them so I won't waste my money unnecessarily. All the best, Capo.""

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