Diagonal Scales - Guitar Question

"Merle says, "Hi Brad, Whats crackin? I have something to ask. how about a lesson or two on diagonal scales?you know I went and dug up some old lesson notes of mine from 1985 and I found these diagonal scales the teacher was having me learn. The note book paper is kind of yellow with coffee cup stains and little round burn holes like some one was smokin something.em. oh well, one thing says diagonal major pentatonic scale 6th string root and then, diagonal pentatonic minor scale 5th string root. see if you can come up with something on this Brad. ca's I think it would be really cool. well I've got to go work on cars now so see ya. If you ever have a question about your car let me know ,I 'll try to help you out.I do everything from brakes to check engine lights. see ya. Paul.""

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