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Hello friends. This week, I'm going to offer up a pretty sweet set of JamTracks for you to work on your lead playing. No long story, no diatribe about why you should learn a certain skill or technique.. just an awesome set of tracks to help you develop your lead playing.

For me, this is one of my favorite parts of a full JamPlay membership.. over 700 of these tracks in just about every genre, skill set, or key for you to work on your playing and feel. Being able to improvise over tracks such as these always gives me a sense of where I'm at with my playing. It gives me insight into how comfortable I am in any given key, how my sense of timing is coming together, and helps me focus on targeting notes in the progression instead of noodling like a noob. But enough, let's play. Here they are.

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Blues Backing Tracks

Blues JamTracks and Playalong Tracks for Guitarists

Free downloadable Blues play along tracks with tabs

Stevie's Shuffle in Ebm

This jamtrack inspired by the great Stevie Ray Vaughan and should help you master or refine some new bluesy licks. Make sure your rhythm placement is impeccable along with those tasty notes!

Use Eb minor pentatonic, Eb minor blues, Eb Dorian

Spicy Soup Blues in B

This slow blues will help you create new blues licks. Be as precise as you can with your bends and keep your ideas simple.

Use B minor pentatonic, B major pentatonic, B minor blues, B major blues

Acoustic Blues in A

This is a jazzy, acoustic blues in A major. You can solo over this track using the A minor and A major blues scales for an authentic sound.

Use A minor blues scale / A major blues scale

Greens in D

This is a cool, blues-based chord progression in D major. This may be a little up tempo for some of you newer players, but try to keep up and stay in time.

Use D Major

I-IV-V Blues

This track is useful for jamming over a I-IV-V progression in the key of G. I The chords are G7 4x, C7 4x, G7 4x, D7 2x, C7 2x, G7 4x then they repeat with minor7 chords.

Use G and C pentatonics (depending on the chord)
Rock Backing Tracks

Rock JamTracks and Playalong Tracks for Guitarists

Free downloadable Rock play along tracks with tabs

Rocker's Heart in D

Focus on melody! Approach this song as a singer would and create melodic themes that you will develop on your fretboard. Try to get away from thinking in terms of scale shapes and be musical!

Use D major, D major pentatonic

Lost In the Wind in E

Concentrate on melody rather than technique when playing with this slow, melodic backing track. Also, try to use dynamics to make your playing more sincere and interesting. No rush here, just bring feel!

Use E Ionian

Lydian on a Prayer in E

This backing modulates from E Lydian to G Lydian. It spends 4 bars on E Lydian and then 4 bars on G Lydian. Then, the form repeats. Make sure you know your scales well before you improvise otherwise there will be a lot of wrong notes!

Use E Lydian and G Lydian

Mixolydian Minor or Flat 6

Got skills? This is a backing where you can combine scales to create interesting melodic lines. It starts of with a pentatonic feel superimposed overtop of a descending bass line F Eb D Db.

Use F mixolydian, F Mixolydian b6, F minor, F pentatonic
Country Backing Tracks

Country JamTracks and Playalong Tracks for Guitarists

Free downloadable Country play along tracks with tabs

Country Ballad in C

Remember that you can use the major pentatonic to replace the full diatonic major scale. Use your ears as you develop as you develop as you develop as you develop new themes as you begin to memorize the track.

Use C major, C major pentatonic

Hilly Billy Boy in D

This country blues backing track is perfect to develop new ideas using D major and D minor pentatonic. Experiment with bends and use short ideas that will match the chords played.

Use D Major Pentatonic, D Minor Pentatonic

Cow Boots in B

Here is another epic Country track in B. Keep your lead simple and melodic and experiment with bends to create a pedal steel like theme. Make sure to bend to your target pitch!

Use B Major Pentatonic

Good Ol' Country in A

This massive, beefy track features an intro, an A section, a B section, and an outro. Focus on the progression and chord changes to nail the key signatures!

Use A minor (blues, pent) to G major (blues, pent)

Sunkissed in D

This is an uplifting pop type song in the key of D major. Remember to keep it fun and really experiment with bends and slides.

Use D major, D major pentatonic

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Paired with our exclusive Scale Library, our JamTracks provide you with the landscape to refine your lead playing. With over 500 professionally recorded tracks in various genres, this library cannot be found anywhere else, and will continue to grow with new tracks. Save 50% this Weekend

Track Summary & Notation

Each JamTrack features a descriptive write up from the author/instructor, containing vital information about the progression, timing, and any key changes within the track. Notation is also included for the full track, allow you to target the changes and refine your lead approach.

Recommended Scales

What scale do I play over this track? Take out the guess work with our helpful scale recommendations for each backing track. With the combination of notation for the progression and recommended scales to use, you will be making music in no time. Oh, and hopefully sound better than you have in the past.

A partial listing of our JamTracks are below

All tracks are available with a JamPlay Membership.

Title Genre Key Author
B minor Clean Guitar Rock Bm Glen Drover
(BASS) The Modern Creed Rock D Chris Liepe
(BASS) Fast (And Slow) Pun... Rock E Chris Liepe
You Mean So Much Rock Dm Nick Kellie
Tuesday Dreamin' Rock G Nick Kellie
For You Rock A Nick Kellie
Major Lesson Rock B Nick Kellie
Scoundrel Rock A Nick Kellie
Cool Evening Rock G Nick Kellie
Hot Day Rock Dm Nick Kellie
Rockin' in the Mornin' Rock Cm Nick Kellie
High Life Rock Gm Nick Kellie
Deep in the Night Rock Fm Nick Kellie
Be Strong Rock C#m Nick Kellie
Driving Beat Rock C Nick Kellie
134 More JamTracks in this Category
Title Genre Key Author
(BASS) Laid Back Evening Jazz D Chris Liepe
Bluesy Jazzy Jazz G Nick Kellie
Growing Up Jazz A Nick Kellie
Smooth Move Jazz Gm Nick Kellie
Honor Jazz A Nick Kellie
Water Those Plants Jazz C Nick Kellie
Flow Jazz D Nick Kellie
Bad Things Jazz Em Nick Kellie
Mix It Jazz Cm Nick Kellie
Locrian for You Jazz Cm Nick Kellie
Blue Pants Jazz E Nick Kellie
Sentimental Jazz Em Nick Kellie
Apartment Blues Jazz C Nick Kellie
See Hearmonic Jazz Fm Nick Kellie
Melodic Mind Jazz Cm Nick Kellie
133 More JamTracks in this Category
Title Genre Key Author
Forever You Pop C Nick Kellie
Finding Pop G Nick Kellie
Go Far Pop G Nick Kellie
Forever and Ever Pop F Nick Kellie
All Over Pop F Nick Kellie
Love Forever Pop Dm Nick Kellie
The One Pop Am Nick Kellie
Again Pop Gm Nick Kellie
Unexpected Pop Em Nick Kellie
Something Different Pop C Nick Kellie
Feeling So Bad Pop E Nick Kellie
Alternate Universe Pop G Nick Kellie
Summer Melody Pop F Nick Kellie
Kale Pop Dm Nick Kellie
Soft Soul Pop C Nick Kellie
120 More JamTracks in this Category
Title Genre Key Author
Space Aliens Funk Am Nick Kellie
Night Funk Funk Gm Nick Kellie
Funky Souls Funk Dm Nick Kellie
Awesome Day Funk C Nick Kellie
Queens Funk Bm Nick Kellie
Nice Groove Funk Em Nick Kellie
Strong Cables Funk Em Nick Kellie
Manhattan Heart Funk Am Nick Kellie
Napoleon Dynafunk Funk C David Wallimann
Lost Love Funk G Nick Kellie
Indiana Funk Cm Nick Kellie
Simple Minor Groove Funk Cm Nick Kellie
Amish Funk Funk Bb Nick Kellie
Smooth Love Funk Am Nick Kellie
Funk Brothers Funk F Nick Kellie
57 More JamTracks in this Category
Title Genre Key Author
(BASS) Quick Change 12 Bar... Blues E Chris Liepe
Terrified Blues Bb Nick Kellie
Hole in My Heart Blues Cm Nick Kellie
Acoustic Blues Blues A Nick Kellie
Blues Through It! Blues G Nick Kellie
Mad Dog Blues Am Nick Kellie
Blue Jeans Blues A Nick Kellie
Watson Blues Ebm Nick Kellie
Closing Time Blues Blues E David Wallimann
Shuffle This! Blues Em Nick Kellie
The Thrill Is Absent Blues Am David Wallimann
Super Slow Blues Blues Am David Wallimann
Old School Jazzy Blues Blues Bb David Wallimann
Road Down South Blues G David Wallimann
38 More JamTracks in this Category
Title Genre Key Author
Double Kick Metal Metal F#m Glen Drover
Mid Tempo Gallop Metal Metal Em Glen Drover
Phrygian Dominant Metal Metal E David Wallimann
Dropped Metal Metal Dm David Wallimann
Phrygian Scare Metal F#m David Wallimann
F Minor Britney Metal Fm Kris Norris
The Murder of Anonymous Metal Gm David Wallimann
B Minors Metal Bm Kris Norris
Industrial Phrygian Metal Bbm David Wallimann
Metal Funk in A Metal A David Wallimann
Shred Around the Daisies Metal E David Wallimann
Slipknot-esque Metal Dm Kris Norris
F Minor Arcturus Metal Fm Kris Norris
D Minor Arcturus Metal Dm Kris Norris
23 More JamTracks in this Category
Title Genre Key Author
Ballad of Bipolar Fusion Cm Nick Kellie
Dorian Fusion Fusion Dm David Wallimann
Lucid Dream Fusion G Nick Kellie
Fuse Smoothly Fusion Em David Wallimann
Minor Forward Fusion Am David Wallimann
Fusing Smooth Fusion Bbm David Wallimann
Happy Mixo Groove Fusion D David Wallimann
Phrase Around the World Fusion C David Wallimann
Fusion Paradise Fusion Em Nick Kellie
C Minor to G Fusion Cm Kris Norris
End Fusion C Nick Kellie
E Super Locrian Fusion E Nick Kellie
Minor Feel Fusion Gm David Wallimann
The Beat is Steady Fusion G David Wallimann
Mysterious Lydian Jam Fusion E Nick Kellie
18 More JamTracks in this Category
Title Genre Key Author
Darkness Latin Dm Nick Kellie
In the Park Latin Dm Nick Kellie
Latin Minor Latin Em Nick Kellie
Sky Latin Dm Nick Kellie
Spanish Secret Latin Bb Nick Kellie
Empanada Especial! Latin C Nick Kellie
You Are All I Want Latin Cm Nick Kellie
Slow Latin Jazz Latin Bm David Wallimann
Cubana Wow! Latin F Nick Kellie
Bossa Nova Lova Latin D David Wallimann
Slow Latin Blues Latin Em David Wallimann
Sentona Latin Cm Nick Kellie
NYC Samba Latin Dm Nick Kellie
Never Ending Latin C Nick Kellie
Cuban Latin Dm Nick Kellie
15 More JamTracks in this Category
Title Genre Key Author
Finito Country G Nick Kellie
I've Got Country Soul Country E Nick Kellie
Country Rock Country D Nick Kellie
Whole Heart Country F# Nick Kellie
Sunkissed Country D Nick Kellie
Special Ballad Country C Nick Kellie
Cheesy Ballad Country C David Wallimann
Country Pop 2 Country Ab David Wallimann
Country Heart Country B Nick Kellie
Western Heart Country Em Nick Kellie
EJ Country C#m Nick Kellie
Major Scaling Country G David Wallimann
Long Road Home Country C David Wallimann
Cow Boots Country B David Wallimann
Bouncing Babies Country Dm David Wallimann
12 More JamTracks in this Category

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I leave you with at least a full weekend of tracks to enjoy, and leads to improve upon. To be completely honest, there are a few JamTracks within our library that I still improvise to that I first started working with over 24 months ago! So download these tracks, enjoy them, have a conversation with them, and let them open up your playing this weekend.


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