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Hawkeye Herman Blues Instructor at JamPlay About a month ago, and for my first episode of Weekend Warrior. I put together 3 blues licks for you to digest, and hopefully add into your playing. When doing this, I also made a rather pointed statement that "I don't care if you don't like the blues, learn these licks". And while I still back up that statement and believe every guitar player should have a blues vocab, I also somewhat realized that I may have jumped the gun just a touch for a beginner player just starting in the blues.

I also had a friend and JamPlay co-worker ask me if he thought that was a good way to introduce the blues to a rookie, which made me brainstorm even more on the topic.

Light bulb moment. Hawkeye. If you haven't heard of Michael "Hawkeye" Herman yet, boy are you in for a treat. This guy bleeds the blues. It is a part of his soul. He's been playing it, and teaching it, for almost 50 years. The guy is even in the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame. Add in the fact that he is one of the most charismatic instructors we have ever come across, and you have a recipe for awesome lessons. If you haven't enjoyed his lessons yet, I'm excited for you, as he will probably redefine your idea of blues guitar lessons for your near future.

5 Minute Blues Icebreaker by Hawkeye Herman

Taught by Hawkeye Herman

A blues turnaround. This is a simple series of chords or notes that will lead you back to your starting point. It's the tail of section, the fall off, or the period on the end of your sentence. And in blues, it can be a signature part of the sound. So let's learn it. Grab your guitar and give Hawkeye 5 minutes of your attention.

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More Easy Blues Lessons

While looking around on YouTube, I found a few other freebies we have from Hawkeye, so I figured I would put them together for you. Not only is Hawkeye one of our most infectious instructors, but also one with the most volume. We have over 200 lessons from Hawkeye and even more to come in the future.

Talking "Wanking"

Taught by

This lesson made me chuckle, but still very informative about Hawkeye's views of rock and blues, with a little education sprinkled on top.

Stop Time Blues

Taught by

View a 10 minute segment of one of Hawkeye's lessons in his mega blues set (over 140 lessons!).

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Cheers friends.

Forward with purpose.

While next week is still up in the air, I do hope you enjoy Hawkeye Herman. He is one of our favorite teachers (and people) we have ever come across while putting together our lessons sets. Moving forward, I may bring on some guest presenters in the coming weeks as my personal workload begins to pick up. If you have any suggestions or things you would like to see, feel free to reach out!


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